Procurement & Compliance


901 B Texas Street
Denton, TX 76209


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Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Taylor, Christine Director of Procurement and Compliance 940-349-7889  
Hewell, Lori Purchasing Manager 940-349-7148  
Millsop, Tabitha Assistant Purchasing Manager 940-349-7130  
Defee, Cheyenne Procurement Administration Supervisor 940-349-7614  
Westbrook, Crystal Senior Buyer 940-349-7172  
Power, Cori Senior Buyer 940-349-7748  
Christian, Christa Senior Buyer 940-349-7132  
Garcia, Erica Buyer 940-349-7131  
Leeper, Gabby Buyer 940-349-7615  
Brummett, Ginny Buyer 940-349-7226  
Cunningham, Doritha Assistant Buyer 940-349-8436  
Corbello, Liz Assistant Buyer 940-349-7133  
McFall, Mary Paralegal 940-349-7101  
Barnes, Ronda Administrative Assistant III 940-349-7468  
Moar, Christopher Compliance Officer 940-349-8174  
Muthiani, Kelly Compliance Specialist 940-349-7544  
Coonce, Wanda Contract Specialist 940-349-7143  
Rolfe, Dustin Warehouse Manager 940-349-8438  
Kading, Keith Logistics Specialist 940-349-7178  
McIntee, David Warehouse Operations Specialist 940-349-8000  
Greenway, Kyle Warehouse Operations Specialist 940-349-8446  
Shaw, Ronnie Warehouse Operations Specialist 940-349-8437  
Anderson, Thom Warehouse Operations Specialist 940-349-8431  


901B Texas Street
Denton, TX 76209


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