Upcoming Projects

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  1. Cross Timbers North & South Playground
  2. Villages of Carmel Park

Over the past four years, the Parks and Recreation Department has been working towards updating the City’s playground inventory with new structures that meet current safety regulations. This process involves using the industry standard of playground lifespan, approximately 15 years. The replacement timeline considers the brand, amount of shade, usage, vandalism, and repairs needed throughout its lifespan.

The current playgrounds at Cross Timbers Park were installed in 2002 and identified for replacement by Parks and Recreation Staff. The proposed replacement structures include interactive, accessible play and integrated shade.

On May 3 City Council approved the Parks and Recreation Department to move forward with purchasing the playgrounds featured below. Demolition of the old playground is expected to be removed later this summer, with the installation taking place this Fall.An Artist Rendering of Cross Timbers South Playground

An Artist Rendering of Cross Timbers North Playground

Cost of Playground: $351,449.00
Project Location: 7601 Waterside Pl.
Estimated Construction Dates: Summer to Fall 2022
Project Manager: Jason Donnell